“Stay Lit” Warranty

We want to start by thanking you and your family for doing business with us this season.  Our service always includes installation, warranty and the removal of decorations. We will take the lights down in January and they will come back to Kingdom Christmas Lights storage for the long summer. Even though this is a lease we warranty our products. This warranty covers every new clip, every bulb, every connection and timer that was provided from us this season with a few exceptions.  Let’s go over a list of items or situations that our “Stay Lit” warranty includes or does not cover.

KCL will repair, replace or restore new decorations leased from us:

1. Any bulbs (Bulbs sometimes go out)

2. Rehang or re-secure any unattached lines due to the weather (Mother Nature is salty some times)

3. Timers (The number one reason lights are not working is usually the timer)

4. Connection issues (Electronics aren’t always perfect)

5.  Circuit overload (This applies for our LED customers)

Things we don’t cover:

1. Lawnmowers running over the lights. (Tell your lawn guy to be careful)

2. Party goers knocking down the lights. (Form a safety Congo line for friends to go around the lights!)

3. Sparky chews the line. (Sparky needs a new bone for Christmas. Ask Santa)

4. Vandalism (not covered.. We can’t imagine this ever happening )

5.  You purchased some discount store bought lights and they are surprisingly not working. (SMH)

In all seriousness, if it is something that ‘naturally’ happened, we’ll fix it. Much like the Farmers insurance commercial, we do know a thing or two about what could possible happen.  Our crews will gladly fix any issue whether it’s covered by our warranty or not.  If the problem or situation does not line up with our warranty requirements, you will be responsible for a $75 service call charge plus the expense of any equipment that needs to be replaced. Please DO NOT ever go without lights working at your home or business regardless of how it happened, Kingdom would like the opportunity to work something out with you.

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