Over the years, it has been our number one priority to offer the best commercial grade Christmas lighting products available in our marketplace.  The last few seasons we have sold Holiday Time lighting packs which were packaged in 50 count, 100 count and 300 count boxes.  Depending on what application was needed, we added the final quantities up and then charged them to our customers at 100 count increments.  These lights looked fantastic and we’re a great bargain for our clients. Now that we have been installing them for three seasons, we unfortunately noticed an obvious need to change products.

In a few cases, the Holiday Time lights all worked but some strings were brighter than others.  We’ve also experienced a decline in quality regarding lights not working the second season.  The major deciding factor for our vendor change was the inconsistent waterproofing connections between the bulbs and sockets.  Having our holiday decorations trip the circuit breakers when it rains is extremely inconvenient and doesn’t portray professionalism.  For these reasons we will no longer be offering any Holiday Time products in 2021.  Here at Kingdom Christmas Lights, we do have an alternative upgraded product for our customers to choose from that will meet and exceed your expectations.

Minleon is the Christmas light manufacturer that offers the best mini light product available in Texas.  It was not an easy decision to make this transition but necessary for the future growth and reputation of our company.  We feel that our clients will benefit from the initial investment into both the Minleon C9 SMD LED bulbs on their property in addition to the Minleon 5mm wide angle LED mini lights.  These 70 count, 4 inch spaced light strands are also 24’ long from male to female.  The major difference is that with these commercial grade lights, you’ll find more consistency, durability and longevity that other manufactures are not able to provide. 

Thanks for being a valued client of Kingdom Christmas Lights and we certainly appreciate the love and support you have shown our company over the years.  May this Christmas be the best one ever again and again.  -Santa

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