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We are SUPER excited about the 2022 Christmas Season so here is our process page that explains how we do business. Whether you are an existing or new customer we look forward to you being a returning, referring and repeat customer for years to come! The purpose of this page is to make sure we start our relationship off on the “right foot” so let’s get started.

During our over the phone estimation, we will review the footage of your home in addition to the decoration / designs ideas that you have. There are many options to choose from LED lighting in any color to wreaths, garland, trees and landscaping lighting. After being in business for the past 10 years, our estimations are always close however are seldom exact. Please note that the final numbers are calculated by how many bulbs or boxes are installed on your home rather than estimated. When you choose to give Kingdom Christmas Lights the opportunity to make your Christmas one to remember, we require a 75% deposit at the time of scheduling. Our appointments are done by weeks rather than by the day and hour windows and the appointment will then be scheduled with you as they become available.

At the conclusion of your installation we will confirm with you that the correct number of feet have been tallied and then we will charge the remaining difference. 

We use 1000′ spools of socketed wire and we custom make your lights to fit your home. Bulbs are spaced 12″ apart so you will know exactly how many feet are placed on your home by simply counting the bulbs!  SMD LED C9 in the color of your choice are then placed in the sockets.

Boxes of mini lights are used to wrap trees, wreaths and garland. Tree wrapping is sold by the box count of mini lights, not by the size of the tree or height of decorations.  Similar to the roof measurements, our estimations are based off of the current image and height requirements we received. During the installation a further desired height, coverage or closer lighting spiral can change the box count. We will inform you of where we are at the time of reaching our estimation and then make sure that we have approval before proceeding to additional bulb counts or box counts.

We can provide and program new timers at an additional charge if requested. Please note that the number one reason why we are called out to a lighting display that’s not working is due to a faulty timer or incorrect setting. Extension cords and timers are always additional items that ARE NOT included with your per foot or per box lighting estimation. If you’re under the impression you have ordered a timer or extension cord, please refer to your estimate form which should reflect the timer or extension cord.

Clips are used to place your lights on the shingles or gutters. Metal roofs and frames will require magnetic clips to secure them which is sold at an additional charge. If you have requested a ridgeline installation, we use 1/2 inch staples. These staples ARE industry standard and are not long enough to cause damage your roof. Brick and stone surfaces that include but limited to windows and archways are installed using a high temperature hot glue gun. This application will not damage your brick or stone and serves a the best way to install lighting on these surfaces without causing permanent damage.  We DO NOT however recommend that hot glue is used on any surfaces that do not consist of brick or stone.

Installing Christmas lights requires our crews to use ladders against your home or business that can possibly cause damage to siding or gutters. Also during the installation process of lighting on wood frames can often leaves marks of missing paint or staple holes. Lastly, installing lighting on glass surfaces are commonly non issues while there are however some instances where glass can become cracked during the removal process. We at Kingdom Christmas Lights DO NOT assume responsibility of damaged gutters, window cracks or missing paint from lit surfaces.

Lights are removed between January 1st and January 25th. If you would like a LATE take down, please let just let us know! Although we guarantee your lights will be removed during this time frame, if you request a late take down, we do not take responsibility for HOA fines. You will receive an email/ phone call/ text message with a 3 day window for your light removal.

If you have any other questions regarding our process or business practices please contact us at or give us a call at 346-291-4492. Thanks and have a very merry Christmas.

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