Saying Goodbye to Incandescent Lighting!

We at Kingdom Christmas Lights are very excited about the new 2020 season!  To be perfectly honest, after the year that we’ve had, Christmas could get here soon enough.  Most of us are spending more time with our families as the true meaning of the Christmas is coming to the surface.  Some would say that we’re putting Christ back in Christmas as the refiner burns the dross and impurities off of our holiday traditions.  I would suggest that we’ve learned a valuable lesson this year of how quickly and permanently everything can change so we should cherish every moment and memory. Let’s dive into what’s new with Kingdom in 2020.

This brings us to our SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) adjustments for the 2020 season. It’s the age old conversation regarding the traditional incandescent lighting verses the LED Christmas lights.  Most of can agree that when the LED’s were first was introduced to our market, they didn’t resemble the traditional incandescent bulbs.  This may be the same experience a previous generation had when the incandescent bulbs replaced the literal candle in the window.  All of these products were produced to resemble the color hue of a fire flame.  I’m here to tell you, there has been a wealth of technological advancements over the years in the retrofit C9 SMD Christmas light bulb.  The warm white 7 diode bulbs (most bulbs are 2 to 4 diodes) have that same yellowish (flame) hue (color) that our customers have been enjoying for the past few years.

The traditional incandescent light bulbs are made out of glass with and inner filament verses the LED’s strong acrylic outer shell with diodes inside.  For this reason, the incandescent’s break when we’re installing them and they definitely break when we’re removing them.  Another bummer with the incandescent bulbs are they stop working without warning or reason right in the middle of our Christmas season.  Secondly, the power constraints and limitations with the incandescent’s does leave some cause for concern with larger “Griswald like” decoration displays.  Although they do look good, they get very expensive for us to fix, replace and maintain every year so we’re moving away from them permanently this year.


Please contact our office with any questions that you may have or to schedule your home for the 2020 season.  Remember that we love you and we’re looking forward to seeing your smiling faces once again this season.

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