Procrastination with Kingdom

I woke up this morning thinking about a few things and one of them was procrastination. Admittedly, I’m not the poster child of organizational and preparation skills however I did reflect on the Christmas business.  It’s very common to hear someone say, “I can’t believe Walmart already has their Christmas decorations out in October and it’s not even Halloween yet.”  You might also hear, “I don’t put my Christmas decorations up until after Thanksgiving” which is often validated with an HOA rules and regulations recital.”  Now that YESvember is over and we’re now in the week after Thanksgiving, I find myself listening to people tell me how there’s only 3 weeks until Christmas and it may be too late in the season to put lights up.  It’s the circle of different belief and value systems in our community coupled with family traditions and peer pressure that drives these changes.

The WEBSTER definition of procrastination is “the act of delaying or postponing something.”  I personally think that maybe somewhere in the mist and pressures of the holiday rush we have overlooked the true meaning of Christmas.  The examples that come to mind are simply hypothetical like, If Jesus Himself were going to personal visit one particular Church this Sunday, how many people would actually show up?  Maybe you have some unanswered questions or would simply press through the crowds at the opportunity to simply touch the hymn of His garment. How many people do you think would attend that particular service?  Furthermore, If Jesus Himself had then agreed to visit your home for supper one evening to celebrate His 1,986th birthday, what would your home look like?  Would you have Christmas decorations and lights up?  

The answers to those questions are unique to every individual and family but I encourage you to consider, if Jesus is not going to be at your Church this Sunday, you should probably find another Church.  Seriously!  Secondly, if your home is not celebrating the birth of Christ which is the light of this world, are they really Christmas lights?  Maybe another term for them could be, “December lights.” or “Just so I can fit in lights.”  Let’s honor the true reason for the season this Christmas and the eternal benefits of our Creators desire for a personal relationship with us.  Let’s shine our lights bright for the Father of Lights and bring forth a new gift of sacrifice within us as we have become the pure offering covered by the blood of Christ.

Kingdom Christmas Lights




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