Welcome to the Kingdom Christmas Lights portfolio page. We have created this page to make it easy to understand our products and services for this season. Our “Full Service” business model is set up to offer a “turn key” Christmas experience. Let Kingdom take care of everything from start to finish and provide anything that is needed to get your job done. You’ll never have to worry again about getting boxes out of the attic, untangling those frustrating light strings or waiting in line at crowded stores to find replacement lights. The best part of a Christmas light installation service is that you’ll never have to climb a ladder again to get your property lit. We provide a “Stay Lit Warranty” service to make sure all of your decorations are working correctly until December 25th in addition to our removal service which is included in your pricing. We will schedule your takedown in January, remove the installed decorations, store, maintain and/or upgrade them as needed.

Let’s begin with our process…

Step One (Roofline and Ridgeline)

Other Terminology

Tree Wrapping

Trees wrapped in Christmas lights are probably one of the most stunning and eye catching items you can do to your home during the Christmas season. There are many different ways to have your trees decorated. You can click “Tree Wrapping” above to see live examples of Kingdom Christmas Lights tree wrapping service.

Color Selections

Warm White

There’s really no other color selection that is more popular than warm white. This warm yellowish color is modeled after the traditional incandescent filament bulb. Just a side note, the incandescent was a safe replacement of an actual candle in the window. As the years and technology has progressed, you can still make a classic and classy statement with the warm white lighting.

Red and White

This display is a lot of fun for everyone. The alternating red and white (candy cane) is very popular and makes and fun statement during the holidays. We recommend that you look closely to the bulb placement and decide whether a 1:1, 2:2, 3:3 or some other ratio would look the best on your property. Secondly, the pure white bulbs go against the red very nicely or the other option is to have the traditional warm white bulbs against the red. Both of those are great choices.

Red Tips

We started lighting up properties with colored tips almost 10 years ago which has now been adopted by the entire state of Texas and is displayed throughout a large part of the country. The Red tips are simply the most popular and we used to refer to them as “Rudolf’s Nose” but later morphed into the more literal definition, “Red Tips.” If you’re not trying to be like the other 500 displays in your neighborhood, try these red tips! You’ll absolutely love them.

Where’s the Colors?

You can always let your creative flag fly and completely freestyle your display with Kingdom at no additional cost. Some of our clients actually get Halloween themed lights installed and then we revisit the property in November to switch them back to Christmas. There is a small fee associated with that service but it’s a lot of fun! There have been so many interesting color selections and arrangements that we could not possibly show them all here. More importantly, we would love to see what you would come up with this season.

LED Lit Yard Signs

Custom made yard signs are a great way to send a message to your community. We hand make our signs and plug in our SMD LED C-9 bulbs. Signs come in 4′ or 8′ and can be any color or pattern. Please contact us today for your order. We only build a limited amount before the beginning of the Christmas Season. Click the word “LED Lit Yard Signs” above to see more. Pre-Order your yard signs TODAY!!


Wreaths are a great way to accent your home. We offer many sizes, lit or unlit. They can be placed on your home or even your gate! Click the word “Wreaths” to see more!


This beautiful greenery can accent many items of your home. Banisters, posts, doorways, gates, fence lines and even your porch can be adorn with lit garland. Garland is offered in 9′ sections and can be wrapped with minilights in many different colors. Just click on the word “Garland” above to see some more!

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