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We mostly schedule home installation in weekly blocks or on a first come first serve basis.  This means you will have the 1st week, 2nd week or 3rd week block based on pricing and scheduling.  Prior to your installation appointment, you will receive a call from our scheduler to make sure that you’re ready.  Here’s so things to look out for and make yourself aware of.

SAME PAGE – Before we get started, our lead installer will confirm your order and design options.  We will then address the power supply preferences and may need to gain access to the circuit breaker panel.

SUPERVISION – Many potentially dangerous items for children can be on a job site during the installation process such as ladders, empty material packaging, twisty ties, clips ect.  Please assist our installers in keeping our excited and curious youth supervised and safe!

LADDERS – We at Kingdom offer roofing services during the year and have a vast knowledge of roofing systems.  The collateral of Christmas light installation however can be damaged or scratched gutters.  This is not always the case but from time to time it does happen and is seemingly avoidable.

INSTALLATION – We attach lighting with plastic clips to the shingles or gutters.  If you have a ridge line installation, we will be using staples to attach the lighting.  In the few areas that have either brick or stone, those are the only two approved surfaces to receive a hot glue application.  When there is a metal surface, we can also use magnetic clips but they will however be an additional charge for the materials.

EXPERIENCE – At any point during the installation, if you would like to take a picture with the guys or have them pose in their Santa hats, all you have to do is ask.  We love making unforgettable memories for our clients to cherish.

PERFECTION – Although we take pride in ourselves and the service that we provide our clients, there are situations where we overlooked a clip or trash particle during the clean-up process.  We are counting on a reasonable understanding from our clients that we perform to the best of our ability each day.

Kingdom Christmas Lights



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