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The Exodus


In 2012 we decided for the first time to start a business to supplement our roofing and fencing company during the slower winter season. This obviously was something we were very passionate about like many others who consider Christmas to be their favorite time of year. It was full of surprises and challenges as we learned and developed our “best practices.” For the bulk of our employment, we partnered with the very first Red, White and You job fair. This is a military veteran job fair that is now on their 9th year which we successfully hired 30 recently separated military veterans. Our company installed over 100 homes that year in addition to a few commercial properties. That’s how we started as we had a pretty clear vision of helping veterans during the holiday season during the early years.

Being a Christmas lighting installation professional does not come to pass with a simple snap of the fingers unfortunately. It has taken many years of mistakes, training and learning to have mastered our craft which still is in the refining process to be perfectly honest. During our 6th season in the business, God spoke to me so profoundly it stopped me in my tracks. Most of us have a story of how the creator has intervened in our lives and how that moment changed our course and direction forever. This seed of a vision was entrusted and planted into the fertile soil of my heart which has spread like only God’s word can do. We stopped everything as He prepared us to get into His ministry and rest is (His)tory. Today we are in year two of a five year plan to carry out His vision in our lives.

Mark Twain once said, “The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and the day you find out why.” We believe defining your WHY is the most important thing you can do. The W stands for Warrior because the Lord is a warrior and a the Lord is His name. The H stands for Harvest and the Harvest is great but the workers are few. The Y is one of the most important letters because it represents You. If our Warrior (Christ) can create a Harvest in You than You can begin to Harvest Warriors for Him. (WHY = YHWH) This is the fire that was started in our hearts that has been continually burning and has never gone out. For more information regarding our non-profit formation and ministry, please visit our website.

Our mission is to educate, employ and empower our men to take the lead in their families, the workplace and our community through God’s church. Through business creation, we can breath life into dreams and make them become a reality. Our outlet, Kingdom Business is a great place to index your company and soon real estate listings as we provide free marketing assistance. Kingdom Christmas Lights (a Kingdom Business we created) does all of these things for over 50 men in the local Houston Texas each Christmas season. We thank you for your continued support in our mission and for trusting us to make your holidays one to remember.

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