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Christmas Light Storage

Kingdom Christmas Lights LLC offers a storage solution for both existing clients and new clients.  As of 2022 our new clients have the storage of their décor included in their Christmas package.  For our previous clients that started in 2021 or before, we’re now offering a storage solution service for you to take advantage of.  This continued effort is our attempt to make the holidays as “hassle free” as possible. Please note, there are many solutions we provide each Christmas season as we sell Christmas lights, lease Christmas lights, Warranty Christmas lights, Remove Christmas lights and store Christmas lights. Please email us at to discuss a full list of services that we currently offer our clients. As for our storage solution, please review the following details listed below…

Storage Containers

  • 27 Gallon Storage Container $40 each
  • 70 Gallon Storage Container $80 each
  • Wreath sized items 48 – 60” $30 each
  • Signs and oversized items $TBD

Storage Details

  • The cost of storage is considered from a tally of the containers and items being stored. There is a minimum storage fee of $75 per client.  Please note that there may be additional charges based on the location, level of difficulty or other factors deemed significant by our office.
  • The storage bins, containers or any other protective storage materials used to store the décor will be provided by Kingdom Christmas Lights LLC and will remain the property of Kingdom Christmas Lights LLC.
  • Our storage agreement is for the storage of the décor ONLY. This storage service does not include the reinstallation of the décor or any delivery services for the following season.
  • Clients picking up their stored décor must provide Kingdom Christmas Lights LLC with a 2 day notice upon picking up their items.  Please note that we only offer one pick-up per year and then the storage agreement is complete.
  • Each storage agreement will start on the day that the décor is collected and will continue through December 15th of that same year. In the event the lights are not installed, picked up or an additional storage service has been requested, the stored items and décor will become the property of Kingdom Christmas Lights LLC.
  • During the removal and storage process, there is a possibility of the stored lights and décor not functioning properly the following season .  This is not common but is absolutely possible considering the lifespan of Christmas lights.  Kingdom Christmas Lights LLC does not assume responsibility for lights or décor that do not work the following season.
  • For any questions or concerns regarding our removal or storage services, please email us directly at
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