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We would like to start by thanking you for once again considering doing business with Kingdom Christmas Lights. Our services, products and process are constantly changing to benefit both our clients and the efficiency of our company. Here’s how our Kingdom Lease business model is mutually beneficial for your Christmas light displays. Remember, our service has always included the materials, installation, warranty until Christmas (December 25th) and then the removal of the decorations in January. We will now be also offering the storage, maintenance and upgrades between seasons as we are assuming the responsibility of ownership and the product depreciation for you. Let’s discuss how the Kingdom Lease model compared to the traditional options.

  1. 1. Purchasing the lights and decorations verses renting or leasing them has been a very controversial topic. Most people have differing opinions regarding which one is the best choice. Let’s dive into a few examples to help clarify this process. If you were discussing real estate transactions, buying is better than renting without question. The only variable that would need to be considered is if you were only going to be utilizing or occupying the property for a short amount of time. In those isolated circumstances, renting a hotel room is wiser than buying one or booking an VRBO or Airbnb for a beach trip offers a better value then buying one.
  2. Another great example would be when you’re considering purchasing a cell phone verses setting up a pay plan with a replacement warranty in addition to a free upgrade at the end of your two year agreement. Most people choose this second option because like Christmas light decorations, the product only last a few years and you’re certainly going to need and want an upgrade at that time. After carefully considering both options, we believe that this “rental program” that our Kingdom Lease offers is actually the best choice to ensure that your Christmas experience is always up to date and shinning bright.

2. Storage can be a hassle especially if it’s in an attic or a place that it requires physical strength and an element of danger to both store and retrieve the decorations. At the moment your contractor receives the decorations you have stored, it’s the middle of the busy Christmas season and you’re at that point finally realizing that some your products and decorations need to be replaced or repaired. This can lead to a considerable amount preparation time for the installers and the potential of surprise bills when most of this work could have already been done in the “offseason”. With our Kingdom Lease program, we have come up with a “best case scenario” that takes in consideration both our clients and our personal time management during the holiday season.

Kingdom Lease Service Includes

The Materials, Installation, Warranty, Removal, Storage, Maintenance and Upgrades


  • Do I own the lights?
    • Kingdom Christmas Lights is assuming the responsibility of ownership for the all of the decorations that are installed at your property.
  • Will it be cheaper next year?
    • The idea behind our lease agreement is that you can have consistent pricing that remains the same year after year.
  • Is there a contract?
    • We firmly believe that we will earn your business but reserve the option for either our company or our clients to choose to continue this service.
  • How does installation appointments work?
    • Each installation appointment is scheduled in 7 day windows. For example, the first week of November is the most popular one. We will contact you the day before our install to confirm your appointment in that window.
  • When do I pay my final balance?
    • The final balance of your service is due at the successful completion of your lighting installation.
  • The Removal Process?
    • We automatically schedule the removal of the decorations during the month of January. If you have any removal requests, we ask that you make them before December 25th. Please note, if you’re requesting a February take down appointment, there will be an additional $100 fee added to your final invoice.

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