It’s that time of year again and Kingdom Christmas Lights is offering a pre-season special for all of our Houston area residents. We are a holiday lighting contractor that specializes in custom decorations for residential and commercial properties. From now until November (Yesvember) first, we have FREE LED UPGRADES for our new customers. This means you’ll have the best SMD LED lighting available for a fraction of the cost! This is the best deal in the Houston area and our service includes the lighting, installation, warranty and removal of the decorations. The best part about Kingdom Christmas Lights is that you’ll keep the custom lighting at the end of the season!

Here’s how it works:

1. We custom make the decorations to your home by using 1,000 foot strings of C9 lighting. We measure off exactly what you need for every elevation and only charge you for the materials used. Since the sockets are spaced 12’’ apart, we simply count the bulbs at the end of the project and that’s what you’ll be charged. The options are endless since the strings do not come with bulbs already so we can install incandescent (traditional) or LED bulbs into the sockets in any color arrangement. This leaves the possibilities and creativity of your display endless!

2. Our regular pricing for Incandescent lighting is $4.25 a foot (bulb) and our SMD LED lighting is only $1 more or $5.25. This adjustment is for the cost of the LED bulb compared to the traditional incandescent bulb. If you schedule your installation between the first two weeks of November (our choice) and complete this deposit before November first, we’ll give you a FREE SMD LED UPGRADE!!! This means that you’ll receive the best LED light bulb and custom strings made with our male and female connections for ONLY $4.25 a foot! Now that’s a GREAT DEAL!!!

3. Kingdom Christmas Lights offers a “Stay Lit Warranty” on all new decorations installed which includes every clip, string, connection and bulb in your display. With this warranty, you can rest easy that you’re lights will be working great and every single bulb will be shining bright! (This warranty applies only for materials purchased thru KCL)

Now is the time to call us so you can take advantage of this great deal!


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