Frequently Asked Questions

Below are the frequently asked questions that we receive each and every year. Please take a moment to find your question or let us know if we need to add one to this list.

Do you have Insurance?

This is a fair question that is asked pretty consistently and for good reason. Yes we have a general liability policy with up to 2 million dollars of coverage. For smaller contractors that don’t have a proven track record, seeing proof of insurance provides a comfort that protects your interests. For established companies like Kingdom that complete large HOA and commercial projects, almost every commercial client will need to see proof of your General Liability in addition to your Workers Comp before any payments can be issued

What is the price next year?

After the past few years, it’s nearly impossible to predict what next year will look like unless you have a crystal ball. What we can tell you is that our clients are seeing a new price of $6.50 and our returning clients are receiving a reinstallation price of $3.25 cents per foot. Secondly, the price of mini lights are for new clients are $25 per strand while returning clients are now paying $10 per strand. Based on this years pricing, clients are paying half the price or less depending on the products they are having installed.

Is there a Contract?

Here at Kingdom we do not have contracts at this time but we do however have service agreements for the season. Upon accepting your “Quote” from us, we engage into an agreement with you to provide the materials, installation, warranty all of the decorations until December 25th and then return to take the decorations down and resume possession of them for storage and maintenance.

Do I own the Lights?

The answer to that question is yes and no. Much like a property lease, you have ownership rights of the décor from the point of installation to the moment the decorations are taken down. This temporary conditional ownership however comes with a responsibility. If the products are stolen or vandalized, you are liable for replacing them. Once the lights are back in our possession, we reclaim ownership of the decorations and then upgrade, update, store and maintain them in preparation for the following season.

Do you accept Cash?

Most of the cash payment requests are for the following two reasons. The first one is because our clients are attempting to avoid a credit card fee. Here at Kingdom Christmas Lights we do not have a credit card fee so using your debit or credit card is the primary method of payment. The second reason people are interested in paying cash is for privacy concerns. We handle these requests on a case by case basis but it’s certainly not our typical transactions.

Do you install lights not bought from Kingdom?

This question is asked more than any other question. Kingdom Christmas Lights only installs commercial grade lighting that was originally purchased from us. The reason for this company policy is because if we don’t carry the product, we have no resource to repair or warranty the product. Secondly, most store bought lighting is not customizable but in the event you have lighting that is, the color, brightness and/or the quality may differ. This is among the many reasons we do not install lighting that was not originally purchased from Kingdom.

Do you offer a Warranty?

We absolutely warranty every clip, bulb, connection or product that has been purchased and installed by Kingdom that season. The ”Stay Lit Warranty” covers these decorations up until Christmas Day or December 25th of the year they were installed. This warranty is not only for new clients but is also covered under our “Extended Warranty” that our returning clients see on their “Quotes”. We at Kingdom believe that every client should be treated as new and receive our industry leading 24 to 48 hour response time for service or maintenance.

After my deposit is paid, how do I schedule?

We at Kingdom schedule our clients on a first come, first service basis. Our October installation appointments are considered after the earliest possible installation date is discussed. At this time we will have the installation appointment done within 5 days of the earliest appointment request. Our November schedule is more complex. We schedule November appointments in week blocks on a first come, first serve basis. (Example 1st week of November, 2nd week of November etc.) Our scheduling department will assign your project to the Sunday that starts the week for reminder purposes and then our team will reach out to you during that 7 day window and schedule your light install.

When is my Final Balance Due?

The final balance is due at the completion of your installation appointment. Since our company offers an honest per foot pricing, per product and per pack pricing, the totals will be tallied up at the conclusion of the project and then submitted for your approval. At this time your final balance will be due and we will typically charge your credit or debit card on file within 3 days.

Do I have to be Home for the install?

Our clients don’t need to be home for the installation especially when we’re installing the same décor as last year. Every completion photo from last year is saved in your “Client Hub” job notes for our installers to see. On the other hand, being home can be the best way to customize your display if you’re looking to upgrade or add new things. In the event that you’re unable to be there, our office can share pictures with you after the initial installation so you’ll have a chance to make adjustments virtually.

Do you install AFTER DARK?

Believe it or not, our crews actually prefer to install your lights after dark if possible. It’s easier to see the lights at night and our crews have head lamps and plenty of lights to make your property look like day time. When the project is complete, you can see exactly what’s going on and it really adds to the traditional Christmas experience.

What time should I expect the crew today?

On the day of install, our crews are assigned one job at a time and are not dispatched the next job until the first job is complete, verified and approved. We have three appointment windows for each day, the first job, the second job and the last job. It’s nearly impossible to pin down a time since we never know how long a project is going to take. Sometimes our clients will add products or the complexity of the install may take longer than the typical appointment.(which takes longer) Secondly, the first install doesn’t mean the installer will be there at a certain time either. Sometimes our crews may work late and then have to get resupplied with projects in the morning.

Future Lease Model?

If you have the line item on your “Quote” that reads “Future Lease Model” let’s explain that in better detail. Kingdom Christmas Lights is moving towards a “lease” business model for several reasons but we are still honoring our clients who have purchased their products from us in the past. While your decorations are still usable and operational, we will continue to honor our labor agreement with the exception of minimal labor increases as the market dictates. Our intention is to be as transparent as possible regarding the future of our company and our services.

Are you guys Hiring?

Yes we are hiring for several positions. If you’re interested in joining the Kingdom Team on any level, please click the “Contractor” tab from our menu to get started! Thank you for considering Kingdom this Christmas. Laura and I will be looking forward to hearing from you.

Do I buy the Lights?

Here at Kingdom Christmas Lights, we are “Full Service” contractor which means we provide all of the materials needed to install your property. Our commercial grade materials are the best in the Nation and you can trust that your property will be looking bright and festive for the season.

How does it Work?

Many people are asking this question first since this experience will be their first time hiring someone to install Christmas lights. There’s one light bulb every foot so we provide all of the materials and charge you by the foot or by the bulb actually. Our team will estimate how many lights you’re going to need, provide all the materials, warranty every decoration installed, come back in January to remove them and then store the décor.

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